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Lessons @ YAMS: Bobby Hall


Bobby Hall teaches guitar at YAMS. He graduated from Macon State College with an Associates Degree in Music and earned a Bachelor's Degree with Honors in Guitar Performance from Mercer University. He studied with the famed guitar teacher Terry Cantwell for several years, and also studied jazz with Dr. Monty Cole at Mercer.


He was the primary guitarist for the jazz ensemble and combos @ Mercer while studying there, and has also done extensive work as a classical guitar solist. Bobby is currently playing regularly with Heritage Methodist Church in Macon.


Bobby can teach improvisation for all instruments in a variety of styles (blues, jazz, rock, country, etc.), and can now offer composition and music theory lessons (as well as music history). He teaches all ages (starting at about 5 to 6 years all the way to 76+!) Some element of finger style technique as well as pick technique will be included for all students.


What does Bobby Hall teach? Here are SOME of the possibilities:


    • Blues guitar
    • Fusion Jazz guitar
    • Country - BOTH modern and classic
    • Chicken Pickin'
    • Rock / Progressive / Metal
    • Elementary & Advanced Improvisation
    • Sweep Technique exercises
    • fingerstyle
    • classical
    • guitar arranging
    • slide guitar
    • learn how to play that one particular piece
    • how to sing and play at the same time


A special feature of taking lessons with Bobby Hall is that the FIRST LESSON IS FREE. This way students who aren't quite sure about lessons, or just want to make certain that Bobby would be a good fit for them - can find out with no obligation!

Bobby says, "I would like to challenge any student to bring any song or technique that they desire to learn and allow me to prove to them that I can help them achieve their goals as well as broaden their horizons."

Interested in learning to play in a band? Bobby is also offering Saturday Band classes for traditional rock band instruments, in conjunction with Emily Hall. Learn how to play in a band, all the while learning some classic tunes from Led Zeppelin, the Allman Brothers, and others! The possibilities are indeed endless in terms of repertoire and styles - Bobby can work with anything from rock to pop to jazz to....well, you name it, he can probably help you!


Bobby has been teaching at YAMS for well over 5 years - and overall has been teaching for over a decade. He has composed quite a few guitar pieces in the Classical, Jazz, and Rock arenas. Many of his pieces have been performed publicly by a number of people and groups. Bobby also composed the score for the independent film The Sonic Woodsman while at Macon State.


He also performed for several years with the bands Stone Puppy and Melodious Ground, as writer, guitarist, & vocalist - and is also one of the founding members of the Mosely Dixon Project (along with drummer Mark Williams and keyboardist Tom Rule).


Bobby is a firm proponent of balancing music reading with improvisation, and of learning music theory to help your musical skills.


Contact YAMS [or CLICK HERE] and ask about taking guitar lessons from Bobby Hall!


Bobby Hall at Young AMerica Music School in Macon, GA

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