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Tom Rule at Young America Music Schools in Macon, Georgia - middle Georgia's best music storeTom Rule has been teaching in the middle Georgia area for over a decade. He also has a multitude of recording and live performance credits, including diverse musical styles as classical, jazz, rock, country, and ambient music, and has been teaching at YAMS since 2003.


Although the current full-time gig is computer related [mostly], he has a long history of music activity in Middle Georgia.

He was an adjunct Piano teacher at Macon State/Middle Georgia State from 2004 - 2013. (where he was the head of the Music Department from 1990-1997). He was the Praise Band director for Vineville North Baptist [now Northway Church] from 1999 until 2006, where his band tom&co has recorded two albums - Brethren, in 1999, and Seasons, released in 2003...and was the staff keyboardist for Northway and it's predecessor organizations for almost 18 years.


He became the staff pianist for First Presbyterian Church in Macon in Spring of 2012, and has also played with the band at Gary Lamb Media Ministries for several months in 2011-2012.


Tom also extensive recording experience, with a variety of credits on well over a dozen albums, has additional independent music available on his last.fm site and over at audiosparx.com.


Tom has performed for several years with the Joey Stuckey band and the Bob Huellemeir big band. He is a founding member of the Mosely Dixon Project along with YAMS teachers Mark Williams and Bobby Hall. He also co-wrote all of the songs and is co-producer of Joey Stuckey's jazz guitar album, MIXTURE - go check out the videos!


He earned a Masters Degree in Piano Performance from the University of South Carolina, where he studied with John Williams and served as the graduate assistant and arranger for Carolina Alive, the University's pop vocal group. He also studied Piano Pedagogy with the renowned Piano Pedagogy program at USC, mainly because it was interesting & he learned a lot.


Tom has performed throughout the South and East in various guises over the years. Locally he has also been active as a performer, arranger, sound designer, music director, and studio musician. He is also a music technology tech for ShadowSound Studios in Macon.


Tom is also left-handed.


So what does all this mean for Tom's students?

They have a teacher who can PLAY, who knows about performance, and has "been there" - and has learned to handle the nerves before a performance, has crashed and burned while playing, and can bring a welath of experience and multiple musical options into the lesson.


He firmly believes that reading music is critical for success as a musician - and that improvisation is also a critical skill for a musician to be well-rounded. His teaching style is modified to fit the student skill level and personality, and you will often see him out in the parking "stomping" rhythms with his younger students.


If you want even more details, feel free to check out Tom's website at tomrule.info.




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